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SUMMIT Powder & Silicon

Best Suited to the cleaning of adhensive resin and
the prevention of stickings.

Tripple Effect;
1) Release (Sticking-Prevention)
2) Cleaning (Wiping Off)
3) Sliding (Lubrication)
Features, Applications
a) Prevents the stickings or burnings of adhensive resin to TeflonBelts and keeps belt
   surfaces clean.
b) Does not erode Teflon Belt surfaces.
c) High Polymer silicon oil component ensures excellentadhension and stretching,
   so sufficient effect can be obtained with only asmall amount.
d) Can be used as alubricant for smoothing irons or sewing machines.
How to use
Penetrate a soft cloth with a small amount of Summit Silicon, Summit Powder, and
wipe stains of Teflon Belts.
a) Be sure tofit the cap tightly.
b) Never lay theSummit Silicon, Summit Powder, Container on its side.
c) Keep Summit Silicon, Summit Powder, in a cool, darkplace.